I don’t do much roleplay anymore, but the blogs are still around, and they reblog things as the characters. If you like my interpretations, I’m open to requests for threads.


  • Very politically aware, loves Tumblr activism and The Daily Show and Colbert Report
  • Pansexual
  • Dragons
  • Pizza


  • Post-Avengers MCU
  • Bisexual
  • Recovering from breakup with Pepper
  • Most probable pairing: FrostIron
  • Runs on coffee and loud music, until he stops working for two minutes; then he realizes “I could demolish a steak”
  • Loves a crowd but hates an unfamiliar pair of eyes

created during streamteamassemble sessions

  • Best buds with Tony (actualcouplesherlockandjohn) and Clint (hotterhatter2211), married them in a crack chat session but hasn’t actually slept with them
  • Not currently feeling like he could handle a relationship, a car or even a goldfish - but he’s coming around.
  • Tony’s snark is rubbing off on him
  • If he looks like he might hulk out, give him a math problem to focus on. Like House, he uses hard mental work to distract from the pain that causes him to destroy his life
  • Finds mending his clothes and smoking pot to be relaxing
  • Likes cherry vanilla ice cream

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