A Tribute to the Tinkerers (a fanvid which should exist)

Okay so this is set to the song “If I Had A $1,000,000” and all the named scenes should pretty much be interspersed with random tinkering on the part of Tony, Fitz, Skye, Rocket, Simmons, Harley, Bruce, maybe Hammer or Venko. Also there could be dancing from bloopers or BTS footage.

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'Heeeeey hot stuff! Would you like—'
'Please, do not talk to me.'


'Heeeeey hot stuff! Would you like—'

'Please, do not talk to me.'


Thank you, Anon. Here’s your request with an added snog. ;P

(PS - I cannot believe how fucking fast I drew this?! This is so unlike me!)

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a cat and a Tony in one pic will never be wrong. 1 hour more or less, and that i referenced the cat butt’s from my cat’s butt

buttception!! ok shut up don

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The new American dream:

  • A job that pays a living wage and isn’t slowly crushing your soul
  • A van



Can I just reiterate:

Sam Wilson gives Steve Rogers a legitimate excuse to stop by Veterans Affairs.

Sam Wilson wants Steve Rogers to have an opportunity to find a community that understands the trauma he’s been through, but recognises that Steve Rogers is probably too proud to seek out help on his own initiative.

Sam Wilson recognises that Steve Rogers isn’t just Captain America, isn’t just a symbol for the nation, but a man who needs friends and help.

Sam Wilson is so important.

THIS. I honestly believe that there is no girl at the front desk but that Sam is making it sound like stopping by would mean Steve was doing him a favor, rather than something Steve needs for himself.

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The Avengers + not English

Please correct me if I’m wrong

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And When It Does I’m Already Gone: New Chapter!


Chapter 5 of our smartass family fic is now up!

In this chapter: Loki gets cornered into a few more uncomfortable conversations. And, well, not everything has changed.

(This story has some explicit content and will not update regularly.)


Frostiron - Kissing Art Challenge #1 (On the forehead)

Requested by Anon.