My Fan Fiction

Hmm OK I write soo much & this is not actually very likely to be kept up to date, so at the time of this writing here are the things I’m most proud of:

Favorite recent one-shots include two Hulkeye stories, Underground Rivers and Head Over Feet (Was Always the Plan), and the Phlint story, Shock. Pretty much all full of Clint being awesome and taking care of the great guys who usually take care of other people.

The Completely Non-Sexual Romantic Life of Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, a series of reactions to the SHIELD show and my two favorite dorks. It may soon need to branch off into a series with a different name, due to a certain Antoine Triplett.

Phase 2 explorations, a series composed of several arcs, mostly Tony-centric, and looking like it’s heading for frostiron, although first it examines the connections between him and Bruce, him and Rhodey, and a bit with the rest of the team.

Grasp, a frostiron one-shot about some of the ways the trauma in Tony’s life affects him.

Better Teachers - a de-aging fic with baby (7) Tony and Loki for a Frostiron prompt that turned out heavy on the Hulkeye too. It’s very fluffy but at the same time heartbreaking.

More Harm Than Good - Pretty much my headcanons for Howard Stark and his life followed by Steve and Tony figuring out how to get along.

Midnight Mystery - my main FrostIron slash series - rather long, with a side of various other pairings. The last story is unfinished but there are plenty of completed works there too. Work is slow and steady and it’s approaching 180k.

The Control of Tension - my first Hulkeye story - this is pretty much how I learned to write smut. It’s pairing clean because it’s a gift to all Hulkeye fans. But then somehow it ended up with a sequel that’s a solid ton of Bruce/Clint/Phil smut.

Hulk Knows - a oneshot retelling of Avengers from Hulk’s perspective.

Silence and Icy Wind - a GammaFrostIron poly death fic which is utterly heartbreaking. People keep asking why I would write something like this and I don’t know!

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