FrostIron Fic Recs

Here’s my frostiron rec list, updated and resorted in January 2014! I’ve added word counts and sorted by length past the first section. For other ships and gen fics, check out my phlint and other lists.

Ok first section I’m going to do here is Not Slash/Pre-Slash, otherwise known as the sneaky evil cookies I like to use to lure people over to the side of FrostIron.

Like A Prayer - this is a fun one. Basically it’s a fully formed FrostIron story but without the romance. [14k]

The Linchpin - A fascinating one-shot in which Loki contemplates Tony and what he’s learned from their battles. [ficlet]

Calculated Insanities - I love it when Tony and Loki snark at each other. I love it when they annoy each other by getting in each other’s brain spaces. Pretty much this has everything I love about frostiron without the actual frostiron. Science-based brotps ftw! [28k]

Making Friends - Loki and Tony become buds. This is where my most mischiefy tactics come in because the sequel to this, More Than Friends, is totally slash. [series 41k]

The rest of the stories are now sorted by length! Some of them are quite explicit; all are rated accordingly on their respective host sites.

Starred stories are new in the latest update.


Friends Don’t Let Friends - a truly must-read ficlet in which Hulk figures prominently. [1k]

Wooer Wooed – A very fun G-rated stand-alone. [7k]

The Liars Alliance - I guess Avengers didn’t happen in this one; the characters meet for the first time after negotiating an arranged marriage. Strange but very cute. [7k]

*of Trust and Necessity - Kind of tropey but incredibly well-executed ABO frostiron. Loki lies to everyone, including himself, and it’s beautiful. [10k]

All the Way Down – This is intense and strange, and has Pepper in it too. In a polyamorous way. It isn’t marked complete but each update seems self-contained. [11k]

Where The Heart Is - a lovely origin story for the Smartass family scenario which keeps movie canon. I love that about it. [13k]

Liar’s Facade - For some reason all my favorite fem!Lokis have names beginning with R (I think it might have something to do with the right/left dynamic). Loki hiding in plain sight as the other side of his own coin is always so pretty. [14k]

We Shall Have Peace - this is like one of those last episodes of an anime where everything ends up wayyy out there from the whole rest of the show. Also Steve is the main character. So yeah. [14k]

Tech Support - This is the kind of lighthearted crack-played-straight that I absolutely live for. Read this if you at all relate. [15k]

The Book of Longing – the first alternate ending fic that pulled me in before revealing itself. Quite romantic. Not marked complete but seems like a good ending. [15k]

How To Win A Game Of Tag - I don’t know how to describe this better than the title already does. [19k]

xE rre - I can’t even describe this; uh, my Bruce muse loves it. [19k]


Unsure and a Hundred - a realistic distancing from the characters’ raw emotions unusual in fan fiction. These characters have masks. [23k]

Signals in Courtship - I love ones like this that tread close to crack but actually pull off ridiculous things with a certain amount of seriousness. This is just so much fun. [23k]

Here Comes Your Man series - The whole soul mates trope is great for fluff but it can also be played for maximum angst, apparently. Brace yourselves. [25k]

Desiderata - another forced dynamic story. An interesting way to change up the pairing. [30k]

Debt - A great one. I love the subtle use of images and phrases that draws parallels between the two characters here. [33k]

The Lightning Strike - This has the honor of being the first ABO fic to enter my rec list. They can be problematic but I really like the way this one handles it - the situation starts out reeeeally bad and then just gets healthier and happier the whole story. I enjoyed immensely. [34k]

Halo – Don’t usually go for alternate movie events but OMG the WORDS in this thing it is like HEROIN. A bit sharp edged for how cracky it is. [35k]

Blinding - This is some brain-twisting shit right here. It’s exhausting and a little disturbing and very, very beautiful, once you begin to understand it. Kinda like Loki. [36k]

Grass and Gold - This is beautiful but the ending is painfully ambiguous. To people who are unbearably sad when they finish this story, I kind of want to recommend reading this, and then my story Better Teachers, just so you get some of the same kind of pain and then a nice ending. [37k]

For Your Lies Only - A froz3npizza fic in which one small change (on the part of Natasha during IM2) leads to a reversal of the hero/villain dynamics between Tony and Loki (and you’ll never guess who ends up on top!) [42k]

(The Shortest Distance) Between Two Points - I love the texture of this world and the way it plays between personal and galactic concerns. [47k]

An Unfortunate Event in Time and 20,160 Minutes – This is all good but chapter 4 of that second one is super amazing. Almost suggest reading it standalone. [49k]

Theorems - a series that goes all over the spectrum, really. They have such lovely brains. A delicious mixture of math and dirtiness. Oh, and heartbreak. Can’t forget that. Second story’s cracky, third is angsty. last one is unfinished. [55k]

Born This Way - This series is a bag full of juicy lemons (most of the sections are explicit) but it also has a really good plot. This is now complete. [55k]

Two Sides of the Coin is a fun one, especially if you can’t get enough of Sherlock saying “Bored, John” over on BBC. [58k]

The Loki Problem, followed by Deeds – Surprisingly touching and true to character for such silliness. [62k]

Journey to the Past - says on the box that it’s an Anastasia AU but it really feels more like Firefly universe with Anastasia plot elements. Works out well I think. And really anything by melonbutterfly is fabulous. [67k]

Sleep Until the Sun Goes Down - Wow. I really like this for its real sense of the passage of time and the changing of attitudes. Loki is an idiot, but what else is new? [78k]

Stolen Relics - I love the theories, the attention to detail, and the stranger’s perspective on Midgardian culture. This is very in character without being too heavy. [79k]


Off The Record Has some snarktasticness but then gets really angsty and then has an exciting beautiful shiny ending! [103k series]

the Mortality series, of which the first is classic, from the pre-Avengers frostiron fandom! The most recent story is still in progress. [103k]

Say Goodbye to Yesterday - I have a weakness for plot devices like this. A marvelous time loop fic, and my third on this list by melonbutterfly. [121k series]

Tricks of the Trade This is radiant with sheer intelligence. Pretty much my favorite thing ever and the story is now complete. [160k]

Hand in Mine, series starting with Heart and Hurt - this is all very painful and full of misunderstandings but it is SO EXTREMELY WORTHWHILE. [175k]

Power Ballad series (froz3npizza) Stoner Tony reminds me of Heinlein’s Man from Mars and the whole thing just kind of has this utopian vibe that makes me feel better about life. Most recent story is unfinished. [177k]

Are You There, God Of Mischief? It’s Me, Tony - oh wow this was hard to decide about because it’s so funny and snarky in the beginning and then everything goes horribly wrong. It’s truly marvelous in many ways. I recommend this BUT there is dubcon that disturbs some people, and the ending is not entirely happy. So, read at your own risk and then cry like a baby. The sequel is unfinished. [181k series]

*The New Management - A what-if where Loki wins. Very hot, very intense plotwise, and overall just very satisfying. What a fic should be. [214k]

Poetic Justice - The great thing about this fic is how you keep trying to settle into the situation but it keeps pulling the rug out from under you and revealing how far apart the characters’ perspectives still are. [311k]

Bend Around the Wind - I recommend this to anyone who likes space stories (Star Trek and the like) and has a big chunk of time to kill. It’s pretty amazing. [403k]

Those are my faves for now; I’ll be keeping an eye out for more.

I’ve dropped a few recs over time because the list was getting unwieldy but you can see a lot more fics I’ve enjoyed at my AO3 bookmarks page (a lot more ships!) and favorites page (don’t judge me by the ancient stuff on this account!).

You might notice I don’t include any high school settings, most other complete AU’s or amnesia fics. They’re just not my cup of tea although I’ve heard there are great ones.

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